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Experience The Wonders of the “Magic Lamp”

                                         Genuine  D-04A TDP Lamp (CQ-29 upgrade)

RELIEVES PAIN AND STIFFNESS AND TEMPORARILY INCREASES BLOOD CIRCULATION IN THE AREA TREATED. TDP stands for “Special Electromagnetic Spectrum” in Chinese, and the lamp has been used in China and other Asian countries for over 10 years. An infrared lamp, it works by emitting an infrared spectrum which is specific to the mineral plate on the lamp head.

It has gained world-wide renown for relief of pain, and helping stimulate blood flow in the area exposed, relieving muscle and joint stiffness, muscle spasms, sprains and strains. Chinese medical doctors have used the far infrared mineral TDP lamp successfully for various medical conditions and has been used in many hospitals all over China for several decades. The TDP Lamp is very popular with surgical physicians and physical therapy departments in the Chinese hospitals.

The TDP Lamp has proven almost miraculously effective in soothing medical conditions such as muscle and joint stiffness and pain, and muscular back pain. Click here to learn how TDP lamps work and how they aid in healing.These professional quality TDP Lamps are UL listed and approved by the FDA. They have a larger infrared lamp, with higher durability than the older models. Our lamps use genuine GUO GONG PLATES with 33 minerals used in almost all clinics and studies. Do not be fooled by companies claiming they have better plates with 43 minerals. That is a marketing gimmick not based on any work or studies.

When it comes to the maintenance of good health, trust Natural Heath Way to deliver the safety and quality you expect for you and your family.

“The TDP lamp arrived in great condition and works well. I am starting to use it along with acupuncture and anticipate goods results. I look forward to trying it on myself as well, as that is how I was introduced to the lamp.”

Cheryl, Canada

“The mineral lamp is wonderful – I am completely satisfied with this product. Your service was outstanding – and you are really friendly.  We are so satisfied with everything from your side and I very much appreciate it. and product was amazing too”

Janice Marth, Madison, Wisconsin

“These lamps can be described for the therapeutic benefit to so many areas of the body and I came by the lamp on the internet and have had it for 3 years and can’t live without it now!!. The product was simply amazing and you will be satisfied”

Susan, Brooksville, Florida


Direct the Far Infrared TDP lamp on the trauma area at a distance of 25~30 cm for 20~40 minutes. Treatment is once a day . Can be applied to virtually any area, and treatment is pain free and relaxing.The timer can be set up to 60 minutes, and will sound when the time is up before turning off the TDP lamp, for accurate treatment duration.

Lamp head has a safety guard, and is fully replaceable, with a life of 1000 – 1500 hours. As well, its full tilting arms let you get the perfect angle for targeting any area.

The floor standing version of the TDP lamp features 5 wheels for easy movement and positioning.


1. Relieves Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation and Soft Tissue Injuries

TDP lamp increases blood circulation, which aids in muscle relief. The far infrared energy frequecies emitted via the 33 mineral plate are absorbed by the muscles. The absorbed energy promotes micro circulation and metabolism, and is believed to help improve the immune system. People report help with sore muscles, arthritis, bursitis, back ache, tennis elbow and joint pains.

2. Relaxes Muscle and Improves Range Of Motion

The TDP lamp causes the muscles to relax, which will improve range of motion and help insomnia. Lots of treatments have shown that the mineral heating lamp provides several key health benefits for massage therapy.

3. Comfortable and Relaxed Feeling – Great for harsh winter & elderly

This mineral heating lamp generates a kind of thermo-magnetic heat. The heat of the TDP Mineral Lamp penetrates into the region of the body which creates a very comfortable and relaxed feeling.

How Can 33 Essential Minerals of TDP Mineral Lamp Help Your Body?

When the Mineral Lamp is heated to a certain temperature, it emits the FIR (far infrared) energy, resulting in many therapeutic benefits.

The emitted FIR energy penetrates up to 3½ inches, and stimulates micro circulation, delivering higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to the injured cells, while eliminating toxins and cellular waste.

The TDP Mineral Lamp features a plate coated with a formulation of 33 minerals for your body. The heated mineral plate emits deep-penetrating, far-infrared waves. This natural energy is identical to that generated by our own bodies, and is naturally absorbed into our tissues.

Our lamps use genuine GUO GONG PLATES with 33 minerals used in almost all clinics and studies. Do not be fooled by companies claiming they have better plates with 43 minerals. That is a marketing gimmick not based on any work or studies.

TDP Lamp has proven to relax muscles, reduce stiffness, inflammation and more!

How To Use The Mineral Lamp?

Simply aim the lamp’s mineral plate at the treatment area. The deep penetrating far-infrared energy of the TDP Lamp will be felt as gentle warmth in the treated area. Direct the heating lamp at the affected area at a distance of 12-16 inches for 5~40 minutes.

Prevent and control pain and stiffness, enhance well-being:

Direct the TDP lamp on the trauma area at a distance of 12-16 inches for 5~40 minutes. Treatment is once a day and the course is 6 to 20 treatments.

Reduce joint pain and stiffness:

For treatment of more superficial discomfort, direct the healing lamp on the area from a distance of 12-16 inches, thirty minutes once a day. The treatment period is 7 days.

The treatment is pain free and relaxing:

The TDP healing lamp can be used to warm topical areas for surface distress, but also the lamp penetrates the skin helping to temporarily relieve muscle spasm, sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain.

Accepted by FDA:

In 1988 the device was accepted by the FDA (FDA 510K number is K991503) for use in the United States and has been used by doctors to treat millions of patients with promising results. TDP Lamps are classified as an infrared lamp, under the Federal Regulations [21 CFR 890.5500] and they have a CPT code 97026 for doctors to bill insurance providers.


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