The Power of Juice Fasting

The Power of Juice Fasting 2018-06-14T20:06:15+00:00

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Juice fasting can help you reach a new level of health. While fasting on water alone can be extremely effective in some health challenges, a juice fast is often more appropriate under many circumstances. Water only fasting can be harmful to the body if the body is already in a degenerated, deficient, weakened, or in a wasting state. Juice fasting allows the body to go into cleaning mode while keeping energy up and supplying a huge quantity of easily absorbable nutrients and antioxidants.

Many people think they will have low energy during a juice fast but the opposite is usually the case. When the body is relieved of the task of digesting solid food and given easily absorbable juices instead, an increase in mental and physical energy results. The feeling one gets during a juice fast is exhilarating. People can work during a juice fast since it supplies all the calories to keep one’s energy up. In fact most people become more productive during a juice fast.

Many people also worry that they will feel hungry during a juice fast. Any feelings of hunger completely disappear after 2-4 days. Also it is recommended that enough juice is used to supply all the calories needed throughout the day. Freshly made unpasteurized juice will give the best results by far. Carrot juice combined with cucumber and/or celery juice is good to make up the bulk of the juice. Including some juice of dark leafy greens such as parsley and spinach supplies the body with large quantities of minerals and amino acids which help leave the body feeling satiated. Apples and beets can be added too. Besides supplying vitamins and minerals, the cucumber and celery juice helps dilute the juice so its not too sweet. The juice should be diluted with the same amount of water. Pure carrot or fruit juice undiluted is not recommended because it is too sweet. Its a good idea to drink a gallon of water/juice per day to flush out the body effectively.

Since there is not enough bulk being eaten during a juice fast to cause efficient elimination of waste in the colon, it is necessary to either do daily colonics, enemas, or use a bulking agent like psyllium combined with an herbal laxative like senna to effectively clear the colon of wastes. Both psyllium and senna can be found in health food stores. A typical combination is 1-2 tsp psyllium seed power dissolves in 8 oz of water, shaken and drunk immediately before it started to gelatinize. This should be taken 2-4 times per day. lts also a good idea to mix 1-2 heaping teaspoons of diatomaceous earth to your psyllium/water mixture which absorbs toxins very effectively. Diatomaceous earth has a negative charge that helps bind toxins and also sweeps the colon. As an extra benefit, it kills parasites.

At night, its best to take an herbal laxative like senna to get things moving the next day. Senna capsules can be found at health food stores. Follow the recommendations on the bottle.

An extended juice fast for 7 days or more causes the body to dispel black smelly waste build-up from the intestines. It is amazing to see this black horrible stuff being eliminated after drinking nothing but fresh juice for days. After being eliminated, an amazing new level of physical and mental health and well-being can often be achieved.

Some temporary negative effects can occur during the first part a juice fast such as nausea, dizziness, weakness, and tiredness. This is not due to lack of food. These symptoms subside as the juice fast progresses. These symptoms are caused by some of the toxins and impacted waste matter in the intestines and cells of the body being stirred up and recirculated in the body on their way out. These symptoms are reduced when psyllium and bentonite clay are used to absord these toxins. These unpleasant sensations will go away as the juice fast progresses giving way to feelings of high energy, clarity of mind, and feelings of joy. The feeling has to be experienced to believed. Juice fasting is an amazing experience that will boost your health to a new level.

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