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Project Description

1. Pure Water: clean filtered non-chlorinated water is essential to keep the body detoxified.

2. Intestinal Cleansing: We at have a very popular3-Day Colon Cleanse to accelerate this process. Another effective way to cleanse the intestines and other organs is to follow the instructions on how to do a juice fast/colon cleanse. Part of cleansing the intestines is destroying parasites. Most all living organisms including humans carry parasites. An inexpensive and effective way of killing and preventing intestinal parasites in humans and animals is by using diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is mined from prehistoric freshwater lake beds and consists of finely milled silica shells of ancient microscopic freshwater plants called diatoms. While harmless to us, they have sharp microscopic edges that cut into parasites and destroy them. 3 tablespoons in water 3 times per day keeps the parasites away. As a bonus diatomaceous earth is a natural filter and has a negative charge that attracts and absorbs many chemical toxins. It also helps to sweep clean the intestines.

3. Diet that supports Detox: Clean, whole food, preferable organic diet that includes many raw fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable juices such as carrot and celery juice, raw fats such as coconut oil, raw grass fed butter (if possible to find), and fish oil which are healthy fats that act as solvents to remove oil soluble toxins. Little talked about is the consumption of foods that contain the sulfur amino acids like taurine and cysteine that are needed by the liver to carry out many detox reactions in the liver. These amino acids are abundant in eggs, fish, and meat, and milk. I eat raw organic eggs, organic raw or lightly cooked grass fed meat, organic raw goat milk, yogurt, and kefir.  Eggs that are lightly cooked (like poached) and meat cooked in water not over 200 degrees F (like in a crock pot with vegetables) is also a healthy way of cooking without causing fats to oxidize and cancer causing chemicals to be created which happens with high heat. After years of experimenting with many different diets claiming to be the healthiest, the diet described in the article,  Nutritional Guidelines, is the one I currently stick to since it has tremendously improved my health and energy levels. Many alternative health websites talk a lot about detoxification using fasting or a vegan type diet. While fasting and vegan diets are quite effective to quickly start the detoxification process, if done for too long (many months) these programs may cause deficiencies in some people and actually prevent them from detoxing further, since the liver and other organs need high amounts of specific nutrients in order to detoxify properly like sulfur amino’s, B vitamins, DHA, and EPA.

4. Dealing with Heavy Metals:
Removing dental amalgam (mercury) tooth fillings properly is a good start to riding the body of heavy metals.Another substance that is said to bind to heavy metals and other toxins is  Diatomaceous Earth, which is mined from prehistoric freshwater lake beds and consists of finely milled silica shells of ancient microscopic freshwater plants called diatoms. Heavy metals can be challenging to remove from the body if severe. I personally had huge amounts of lead in my body due to occupational exposure and did a series of over 20 EDTA IV chelation treatments under a doctor’s care. But most people do not have to go to such lengths unless its a very extreme situation.

5. Liver Flush : This is an amazingly effective and cheap way to flush toxic bile from the liver and gall bladder using olive oil, epsom salts, lemon juice, and diatomaceous earth. Many man-made chemicals and toxins given off by bacteria (like Lyme disease) and mold can get trapped in body because they get re-absorbed through the intestinal walls after being detoxed by the liver and then end up back in the body. They concentrate in the bile. The Liver Flush flushes out large amounts of bile along with the toxins it contains. My health has improved greatly as a result of doing these cleanses.* They have greatly helped my digestion, food allergies, and energy levels dramatically after doing just a few of these cleanses*. Click on the Liver Flush link above for complete instructions.

6.Sauna therapy is also a very effective way to eliminate heavy metals and other difficult to remove man-made toxic chemicals from the body. The toxins come out of the sweat glands and relieve the liver of the burden. I experienced a whole new level of health and vitality after doing sauna therapy 3-4 times a week *. Its nothing short of amazing and highly underrated in my opinion. We, at have an affordable and very effective portable steam sauna

7. Bed Rest and Deep Sleep…never underestimate it! Healing occurs during sleep. Dark curtains help a lot.  If you have trouble sleeping, even if you can achieve one extra hour a night , that amounts to an entire 7 hour sleeping session per week.

8. Exercise: Even light exercise is effective in getting the lymph flowing. The lymph circulates throughout the entire body and helps carry toxins away from cells. Unlike the blood, the lymph system does not have a heart to pump the lymph. It requires physical movement of the body. Even people who are incapacitated can help increase lymph flow using low impact exercise. A rebounder (small trampoline) can be used by incapacitated people to get the benefits of exercise.

9Eliminate Hundreds of Synthetic Chemicals by simply switching to natural soaps, shampoos, deodorants, and cleaning supplies. Your skin absorbs chemicals. A good rule is to not put anything on your skin that you would not eat. Often these natural alternatives are just as effective or more so than chemical products. Here are two articles that show the surprising amount of toxic chemicals contained in common body care products: Click here for: The 10 Most Unwanted Ingredients in Personal Care & Beauty Products .

Many people have made great progress with very hard to treat illnesses through detoxification. In fact, if you are ill, and you are not in a detoxification program, it is believed that whatever else you are doing is not going to work as well or at all.

To simply sum it up, by…..
1: eliminating toxins…..and
2: giving the body the right easily digestible nutrients ….the body is freed-up to heal itself. Its amazing what the body can do when not hindered by toxins and deficiencies.