Natural Health Way: Nerve Damage Repair Research and Supplement Development

Natural Health Way Nerve Damage Study
3 years ago I contracted a tropical parasite called rat-lungworm in Hawaii. Slugs carry it and I believe I got it from local vegetable juice in Hawaii. It was diagnosed with a spinal tap. I no longer have the parasite because its easy to kill with medication, but it caused me massive nerve damage which has not gone away in 3 years. I still see very poorly because how it damaged my optical nerve and CNS. I cannot drive anymore because of it. It also made my muscles weaker and my coordination and balance very poor. And the pain from my lower back down to my feet is intense 24/7. Instead off prescription opiates, I take the herb mitragyna for the pain. It works better and with less side effects than the opiates they were giving me. Its not sedating like prescription opiates and you can think clearly. Its also not highly addictive, although I am very dependent on it because I take it every 4 hours for the pain. Its been a life saver. Without it, I lay in bed all day in pain. Anyway, mytragyna is just a pain reliever. My goal is to be able to not have to take anything or pain and to have my nerves healed.

My neurologist says nerve damage like mine is often permanent, but not always. So I decided, as part of the goal of my life/business, Natural Health Way, to do my very best to create a formula to help people overcome nerve damage. There are a lot of nutritional supplements and vitamins with solid evidence saying they can help relieve the pain and help reverse nerve damage

There are so many supplements with good science backing for nerve damage relief, so I decided to just try most of the ones with solid backing that I could find and see if together they help relieve my nerve damage/pain . I will report my findings after I take them for several months or notice any significant changes. I want to give my body a chance to repair itself with the raw nutrients and other supplements that have historically, anecdotally, and scientifically evidence for being effective for nerve damage and pain. I know I am just one person, but it will be a blessing if this problem can be treated.

I am also eating according to the diet recommendations of and following the guidelines in my articles. On the home page is says the goal of is to supply products, info, and resources to help people achieve maximum health . By putting the right things in your body and eliminating toxins, the body can often itself. I will walk the he walk and trying to heal like I talk about in my site. I recovered from lyme disease in my 20’s using the info on this site. Hopefully my body will heal itself from nerve damage if I give it the raw materials and assistance it needs.

Here are the list of supplements I am taking to try to help nerve damage. I will go into the dosages in a followup. I began taking these on and off in since 2016. I am now take them on a regular basis .

Vitamin C (to bowel tolerance)
Acetly Carnitine
Alpha Lipoic Acid
saw palmetto
cordyalis extract
vitamin d3
vitamin K2
borage oil
fish oil
Vitamin E
coconut oil

magneisum glycinate
Coenzyme b complex
Lion’s Mane mushroom extract
tens unit (electronic nerve stimulator)

Those are most of my testing supplements for the nerve formula I am developing. There are too many supplements to combine in just one pill, so I plan to supply packets of supplements to take on a regular basis. I will put up some research studies later, but I you did a search for nerve damage and these supplements many things will come up that could explain what they do in detail. I really don’t want to live in agonizing pain and be so weak anymore, and maybe this can help someone else too. I understand it may take some time, so I am making myself take this regime as regularly as possible to give it a chance to work.

Best Wishes,
Pete Aldo