3 Day Cleanse Instructions




Welcome to the 3 DAY CLEANSE PACK
This Cleanse Pack is designed to assist you in revitalizing your gastrointestinal system and to help you get rid of your accumulating and unwanted waste. In our opinion the 3 day cleanse is works better than more expensive cleanses like Ejuva or Arise and Shine.The Cleanse Pack is a complete regimen designed to rest your gut and replaces your meals for three days. To fully enjoy the benefits of the Cleanse Pack, it is best that you follow the instructions in this User’s Guide.The User’s Guide gives detailed instructions and tips on how to use the products and assists you in every part of the program. It also has a section on the common questions users ask about the three-day program.So before you begin the program, it is important that you go through this guide and read the instructions carefully.3 STEPS:
There are three phases to So Easy 3 Day Cleansing Program.The first phase or Pre-Cleanse phase prepares your bowels for the process. It is a two-day pre-cleanse regiment to help loosen up the bowels and prepare your intestinal system for the three-day cleanse-fast regimen. In these two days, it is best that you start eating less and avoiding heavy meals.The second phase or the Cleanse phase is the THREE-day regimen where you rest your intestinal system and take only the meal replacement products provided by the pack. In the three days of cleansing, you will see the mucoid plaque being removed and discharged. The mucoid plaque is the build up of mucous, dead cells, and impacted waste material that covers the inner wall of your colon and clogs the effective elimination of the fecal waste in your colon.The third phase or the Post Cleanse phase is a two-day return to normal program. After three days of the cleansing fast, the intestinal system is being prepared to return to normal functioning.

Two days before the actual program, it is advisable that you start reducing your meal intake in preparation for the three-day fast.

Pre-Cleanse Meal Reduction Recommendation

Day One (Pre-Cleanse) Reduce meal portion size by 50% Drink a lot of water.
Day Two (Pre-Cleanse) Reduce meal portion by 75% Drink a lot of water.

Besides reducing the portion size, you may also want to change what you eat. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and raw/lightly cooked foods. Avoid packaged and processed food, sugar, alcohol, fried foods, and coffee.It is important that you keep your body hydrated by taking at least twelve glasses of water a day.

This is a three-day cleansing fast that rests your intestinal system, removes the accumulated waste and restores the normal milieu of the gastrointestinal tract. Although FIVE to SIX DAYS are ideal for a complete cleansing program, many respond to a THREE-DAY regimen very well. If you do not see the ‘Mucoid plaque’ being removed in three days, proceed to complete the six day regimen.

This phase allows for the maximum removal of mucoid plaque and retained fecal waste. During these days, you should not feel the physical urge to eat or hunger. There are those who have some craving appearing on the first day because their body is getting used to the cleanse-fast. Be self-controlled and discipline your mind; and stand your ground.

This urge may actually be thirst. If you take in plenty of water (3 liters/day), the urge naturally goes away. By the second day, your body will have already accustomed to the program and so you will not have the urge again.Some of us have been accustomed to taking many meals and have been used to munching everyday. Some of your craving is psychological. Focus on your commitment to your goal of cleansing your colon.

After the cleansing fast, start breaking the regimen slowly.

First day after the cleansing-fast, take in fluids and or porridge only. This includes fruit juices like watermelon juice and apple juice, and vegetable juices. Avoid processed or canned fruit juices. No coffee, soda or tea on this day.

Second day, start eating light meal, vegetables and fruits with your fluids. Avoid starchy vegetables like potato and corn.

Third day, resume eating normally. Take into consideration that a change of diet is in order for you since your old dietary habits have produced a very acidic constitution that initiated the mucoid plaque build up.


During the cleansing-fast program, be sure to drink plenty of water. Drink 8-12 glasses of pure and clean water to hydrate your body.
You may be thirsty during the program and your thirst may be masked as hunger. Drinking enough water will take the urge out and help cleanse your system.
We suggest that you do not drink any other juice or beverage except the ones indicated in the program. If you have to,
take only freshly squeezed fruits juices or natural fruit juices without processed sugar or sweeteners.

Cleansing Schedule



Contains dehydrated wheat grass and plant based enzymes.
Dissolve one sachet in 12 ounces or 300 ml of room temperature or cold water. Use a shaker and drink immediately upon mixing.

This is the first drink of the day. Wheatgrass gives the body plant fiber that provides bulk to the fecal matter.Bulk is one of the conditions for an effective elimination of waste. Fecal waste must have the necessary bulk or mass to initiate peristalsis or contraction of the colon smooth muscles. When the fecal matter does not have the required bulk, peristalsis is not initiated and the fecal waste is retained.

Furthermore, wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, which is plant nutrient chemically similar to the red blood cells of our body. Chlorophyll traps oxygen and delivers it to the cells. In the body, chlorophyll is believed to augment the function of blood and help oxygenate the cells.

In the evening, before sleeping, another sachet of BIO WHEAT GRASS is necessary to help replenish the GI enzymes that were used during the day. It also helps restore a normal and healthy gastrointestinal environment.Wheatgrass is rich in Vitamin K, which is believed necessary in encouraging a healthy growth of friendly bacteria in the gastrointestinal system.

Dissolve well both sachets in 12-16 ounces room temperature or cold water, use a shaker and drink immediately after mixing. Do this according to program schedule.
The combination is a flavored meal replacement. It has the consistency of a shake.The primary ingredients of these products are palm oil fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts, soybean extract, guar gum, red rice, and the natural fruit flavor.

1. GUAR GUM is fiber taken from the bark of the GUAR tree. It is rich in polysaccharides or complex carbohydrates that gelatinize and expand in the stomach when mixed with water. Guar gum is great in satiating the hunger by giving us the sense of fullness. As it expands in the stomach it also traps fats and cholesterol, thus, helping reduce cholesterol absorption in the body. Guar gum also provides bulk in the colon that helps move fecal matter.

2. PALM OIL FIBER helps lubricate the inner lining of the colon and assists in dislodging mucoid plaque. The palm oil provides additional moisture necessary for an effective elimination of fecal waste. It facilitates the easy and gentle removal of retained fecal matter with its surfactant effect on the colon lining. On top of this, Palm oil has potent cholesterol-lowering properties and is trans fat free. It is rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin E. Palm oil is rich in tocotrienols that may have the ability to reverse blockage of the carotid artery and platelet aggregation thereby reducing the risk of stroke, arteriosclerosis and other heart disease problems. Animal studies have found that tocotrienols may exhibit activity against tumor promotion. Palm fruit oil increases ‘good’ HDL, compared to other saturated oils, such as coconut oil.

3. RED RICE is rich in complex carbohydrates that nourish the body while undergoing the cleansing fast. It provides fuel to the cells to continue producing energy to sustain the body. Although rich in carbohydrates, red rice is high in fiber content, thus, providing a steady release of insulin. It is also rich in Vitamin B complexes needed as co-factors in energy production.
Bio Diet and Bio Balance are taken during breakfast, lunchtime, and evening meal times. It is best to use a shaker when mixing the two together with water and it is necessary that you do not leave the mixture for more than TEN SECONDS as the mixture may gelatinize.

At mid-morning and mid-afternoon, dissolve one sachet in 12 ounces or 300 ml of room temperature or cold water. Use a shaker, and drink immediately after mixing. This mid-morning and mid-afternoon drink provides the body with a boost of energy needed to star the day.

1. CARROTS are a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. A gold mine of nutrients and a versatile vegetable, carrots are rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are great for the eyes;Vitamin B complexes, which helps boost our energy; and Vitamin C, powerful anti-oxidant and a necessary collagen-
forming co-factor. These vitamins initiate the chemical reactions needed to create energy in the body and neutralize the free-radical toxins. Carrots have extraordinarily high pectin fiber. Pectin has been shown by the USDA to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Pectin also helps satiate our hunger because it expands in the stomach making us feel full. Carrots also contain minerals like Calcium pectate, magnesium and potassium which helps alkalinize our body: and copper and iron, which keep our blood energetic.

2. SOYA BEANS contain nucleic acids that help rebuild the cells in the body and repair tissue damage. They have enzymes and raw materials for hormones in the body. They can help move the chemical reactions forward in the body so as to generate energy needed for the day.

3. PASSION FRUIT contains the nutrient ‘Maltol’. Maltol has been studied well in Europe. One of its major benefits is to facilitate a calming effect on the body. Specially in a cleansing fast like this, this fruit will help calm down our nerves, thus, reducing the stress in the body and the hunger associated with it.

4. OMEGA-3 fatty acid is great in helping prevent the excess cholesterol build-up in the arteries but increase utilization of the cholesterol and reduction in cholesterol production.


1. What are the Ingredients for the 3 Day Colon cleanse?

Bio-Wheatgrass 7gr (2 sachets)

Ingredients: Wheatgrass and enzymes

Bio-Cell 7 gr (2 sachets)

Ingredients: Carrot, Lady Finger (Chinese okra), Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans, Passion Fruit and Omega-3

Bio-Diet 14 gr (3 sachets)

Ingredients: Oil Palm Fiber, Lady Finger (Chinese okra), Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans, Guar Gum and Fruit Flavor

Bio-Balance (3 sachets)

Ingredients: Oil Palm Fiber, Lady Finger, Red Rice and Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans

2. Will I need to camp out near a bathroom?

No. This intestinal cleansing program is 100% whole food and fiber with no irritating herbs. You will be able to work and carry on normal activities during the cleanse, and there should be no need to rush suddenly to the bathroom while on the program.

3. I’m a Vegetarian. Is this 3 Day Cleanse right for me?

Yes. The 3 Day Cleanse is a 100% Vegetarian, Organic and Non-GMO formula made from all-natural, premium quality ingredients. Also, no high temperatures are used so all the living enzymes are intake.

4. Is the 3 Day Cleanse 100% gluten-free?

Yes. The 3 Day Cleanse contains NO gluten. Additionally, it contains NO wheat, corn, milk, egg, sugar, colorings or preservatives.

5. When will I see results? How long should I remain on the 3 Day Cleanse?

Most of our customers experience excellent results within the first week.

6. Is the 3 Day Cleanse Program suitable for children?

The 3 Day Cleanse is NOT designed for small children. It IS perfectly suitable for teenagers of high-school age or older.

7. Should I use the 3 Day Cleanse if I’m pregnant or nursing an infant?

No. A fetus or newborn should not be exposed to the toxins being eliminated from the mother’s body while on the 3 Day Cleanse program.

8. Will I have diarrhea or an irritable bowel?

No. On the contrary, you will be eliminating full and bulky stools, not loose and watery. You should not have an irritable bowel.

9. Will I have an uncontrollable urge? Will I have cramps?

No. You will only have your normal or usual urge to move your bowels. This will prompt you to eliminate your stools.

10. Since I will not be eating for the duration of the program, will I be hungry?

Since you will be receiving full meal replacements, you will not feel hungry. The high fiber content of the meal replacements in the program will keep you satiated.

If ever there is any hunger, it usually is on a psychological level. Many people are attached to food and crave food at this emotional level.

11. What if my bowels would not move?

This usually happens when:

1. The person is dehydrated. So drink plenty of water when you’re going through the program

2. The person does not follow the program correctly. So be sure that you are doing it right.

3. The person is under a lot of stress. On an emotional level, you may feel the pressure to produce the mucoid plaque or move your bowels immediately. Let go and relax. Some people have tight sphincters due to emotional stress.

12. Should I stop my medications?

No. If you are taking prescription medications for daily use, you may use them while undergoing the cleansing fast.

However, if you are taking prescription medications for a prescribed period of time, it is advisable that you finish the course of your prescription before beginning the program.

13. How often do I do this program and what do I do after?

Twice a year is ideal, as our bodies need constant cleansing.

14. What if I want to lose more weight?

Taking the 3 Day Cleanse program may allow you to shed some pounds with the three-day program. This is due to lost ‘Mucoid plaque’ and the discharge of retained fecal matter. The program also helps you utilize and burn some stored fat cells. If you are keen on losing more weight, we suggest that you continue the program and complete a FIFTEEN DAY weight management program. Using the same products will help you lose as much as ten to twenty pounds in 15 days.

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