The Amazing Benefits of Gravity Boots and Inversion Tables

Counteract the Effects of Gravity to Help With Back and Neck Pain

The Negative Effects of Gravity On The Spine
Gravity is a compression force which is constantly affecting the upright human frame. Since the beginning of time people have suffered the ill effects of gravity. The compression force of gravity on the spine, along with poor posture habits and poor nutrition, is the cause of almost all back problems. Scientists have paid close attention to the joints of the spine and found that the force of gravity is the major cause of vertabral misalignments. These tiny misalignments
of the vertical joints, along with the narrowing of compressed discs, put pressure on the spinal nerves existing between them. This pressure on the spinal nerves is the cause of many health problems and much pain.

Make Gravity Your Friend with Inversion Therapy!
With the use of gravity boots or inversion tables, one can enjoy hanging by the ankles, allowing gravity to stretch and relax the entire body. Hanging in this fashion allows your body weight to stretch the spine, thus decompressing the joints and discs.

Desire to Hang
Many people experience an innate desire to hang. Perhaps this is due to our suspension in the uterus. Inversion therapy allows this to be done safely and with amazing comfort.

Reported Benefits of Inversion Therapy

1. Promotes lymphatic drainage which assists the body in removing waste products.

2. Relief of back, shoulder, and neck pain caused by the compressive force of gravity.

3. Improves circulation. Relieves the discomfort of varicose veins and venous stasis. Eases the stress in the heart.

4. Improves posture by counteracting the downward pull of gravity.

5. Natural face lift. Revitalizes and tones facial tissue. Aids in offsetting the effects of gravity on wrinkles.

6. Improves complexion. The increased blood flow to the face promotes a blushing effect that enriches the face with nutrient rich blood and enhances natural beauty.

7. Enriches brain and eyes with oxygen rich blood. Improves intellectual processes.