How One Woman Beat Cancer By Juice Fasting*

When I met Sharon about four years ago, I asked her if she was going to join her husband Ed, one of my clients, on the road to health. She replied that she was already healthy — she never got sick — and it wasn’t necessary to change her diet because she was doing just fine.

Sharon never had any major illnesses other than a bout with hepatitis as a child. And, she was never hospitalized except when giving birth to her two children. Her diet consisted of just about anything she wanted and she didn’t experience any negative affects from her eating habits –she usually felt fine. She was about 35 pounds overweight – but she felt it was “normal.” Weight gain was something that happens with age.
Right?! After all, most people her age, 52, looked and felt worse than she did.

Two years before her menopause began, Sharon’s family doctor put her on estrogen. Why? She didn’t know. He just told her it would be a good idea, and she followed his advice. The estrogen made her feel terrible and anxious, so after two years, she stopped. Soon after she stopped the estrogen, she started menopause. She experienced frequent “hot flashes” – six to ten times a day – and heavy night sweats. These night sweats were so bad she had to get up to change her soaked sheets. Mood swings tormented her daily, and she usually felt anxious. In addition to the menopause symptoms, she developed pains in both of her shoulders. The doctors weren’t sure whether the pain was arthritis or bursitis. Sharon couldn’t reach above her head without hurting and her grip strength was weak, at best.

Sharon resigned herself to the fact that all women eventually had to go through menopause and have these problems — they were “normal.” And, most of her friends had more aches and pains then she did, so she felt relatively lucky, and assumed her shoulder problems were “normal,” too. Sharon believed, as most women do, that aches, pains, and menopause symptoms were part of the “normal” aging process and there wasn’t anything she could do about it – except take drugs to ease the discomfort. For her shoulder pain she took several types of over-the-counter medications, which gave her minimal temporary relief.

Even though her husband, Ed, was looking and feeling great – was healthy for the first time in his life, and had incredible energy – this did not sway Sharon. She did not believe she could stop the “signs of aging,” and she was not motivated to make any changes.

In March, 1997, Sharon had a complete physical examination that included a mammogram. The day following the exam her doctor called to say that they had seen something “suspicious” in the mammogram, and that surgery was required to determine exactly what it was.

Sharon went into a hospital the following week for a lumpectomy. Two days following the surgery Sharon was told she had breast cancer. She and Ed were shocked. They consulted with a cancer specialist who confirmed the diagnosis. She was told that her cancer was localized, and there was no indication that the cancer had spread to any surrounding tissue or to her lymph system. Three separate doctors recommended additional surgery to either “clean out” the area, or to remove the breast completely. A daily six week course of radiation treatment was also recommended.

Sharon and Ed nearly caved in under the threat of cancer, but they called me to see what I had to say. I explained to them that cancer was an indication of a failing immune system. Lumps show up locally, but the problem is systemic – indicating a very toxic body. If the symptoms are treated or removed but the underlying problem is not solved, the symptoms will simply pop up again somewhere else in the body. This is why women, in as little as six months after surgery – after they were told that their doctors had “got it all” – show up with symptoms in other parts of their bodies. I told them about my friend Lucianna. She was told that her cancer was localized. Lucianna was filled with fear and opted to have her breast removed – the symptom removed – and then to undergo the radiation treatment. Her doctors said they “got it all” – two years later the cancer “spread,” and there was nothing they could then do, except once again try to treat the symptoms. She died. I also explained to Sharon and Ed that cancer cells are nothing more than abnormal cells. We all get them. But a healthy immune system cleans them up before they get out of control. Cancer is never a “localized” disease. The conventional treatment for it is unnatural and totally illogical, and that’s why it fails.

Sharon’s immune system was compromised. Her “never getting sick” actually meant that her body was never cleaning house. It was storing poisons and not eliminating them. After years and years of poisoning her body, her immune system gave out, and she got hit all at once. Sharon and Ed began to consider various alternative ways of confronting the cancer. Of course, they were bombarded by their family and friends, who spoke up out of genuine concern and love, but also out of ignorance. Finally, after long talks and much consideration, Sharon decided not to have the surgery or the radiation treatments. She opted instead to strengthen her immune system and allow her own body to rid itself of the cancer cells. Under my guidance, Sharon began a strict juice cleansing diet, drinking only freshly squeezed (never bottled) organic citrus fruits – oranges, grapefruits, tangelos, and also some juiced tomatoes. She drank as much as she wanted, whenever she wanted – usually about 96 ounces a day. This continued for 50 days.

About the second week into the cleanse, Sharon realized that her menopause symptoms had completely vanished. The night sweats and hot flashes had stopped, and her mood swings had ceased. Sharon noted an “improved sense of well being.” Three weeks into the fast, Sharon’s shoulder pain had completely stopped, and her grip strength had returned. She also noticed that her energy level was much higher than before – higher then she could ever remember.

Sharon’s lifestyle has completely changed as a result of her cancer scare. She still drinks a lot of fresh, organic juices, and she eats fruits and some veggies – all organic and raw. Sharon vows that she will never return to her old eating habits. She loves her new body – she’s slim and fit with lots of energy. And, now without the menopause symptoms and the shoulder pain, she has renewed sexual energy. She and Ed are finally enjoying their lives together.

Sharon knows that her immune system is working. She and Ed know that the cancer is gone but I asked her to go back to the doctor for another mammogram so the rest of the world (including the doctors, her family, and her friends) can have medical proof. So, on July 1, 1997, Sharon returned for a medical opinion. After examining Sharon and talking with her, the doctor said, “Don’t tell my other patients what you’re doing – it will put me out of business.”

On July 29, 1997, Sharon’s mammogram was negative – no sign of cancer.

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