3 Day Cleanse FAQ


1. What are the Ingredients for the 3 Day Colon cleanse?

Bio-Wheatgrass 7gr (2 sachets)

Ingredients: Wheatgrass and enzymes

Bio-Cell 7 gr (2 sachets)

Ingredients: Carrot, Lady Finger (Chinese okra), Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans, Passion Fruit and Omega-3

Bio-Diet 14 gr (3 sachets)

Ingredients: Oil Palm Fiber, Lady Finger (Chinese okra), Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans, Guar Gum and Fruit Flavor

Bio-Balance (3 sachets)

Ingredients: Oil Palm Fiber, Lady Finger, Red Rice and Non-GMO fermented Soya Beans

2. Will I need to camp out near a bathroom?

No. This intestinal cleansing program is 100% whole food and fiber with no irritating herbs. You will be able to work and carry on normal activities during the cleanse, and there should be no need to rush suddenly to the bathroom while on the program.

3. I’m a Vegetarian. Is this 3 Day Cleanse right for me?

Yes. The 3 Day Cleanse is a 100% Vegetarian, Organic and Non-GMO formula made from all-natural, premium quality ingredients. Also, no high temperatures are used so all the living enzymes are intake.

4. Is the 3 Day Cleanse 100% gluten-free?

Yes. The 3 Day Cleanse contains NO gluten. Additionally, it contains NO wheat, corn, milk, egg, sugar, colorings or preservatives.

5. When will I see results? How long should I remain on the 3 Day Cleanse?

Most of our customers experience excellent results within the first week.

6. Is the 3 Day Cleanse Program suitable for children?

The 3 Day Cleanse is NOT designed for small children. It IS perfectly suitable for teenagers of high-school age or older.

7. Should I use the 3 Day Cleanse if I’m pregnant or nursing an infant?

No. A fetus or newborn should not be exposed to the toxins being eliminated from the mother’s body while on the 3 Day Cleanse program.

8. Will I have diarrhea or an irritable bowel?

No. On the contrary, you will be eliminating full and bulky stools, not loose and watery. You should not have an irritable bowel.

9. Will I have an uncontrollable urge? Will I have cramps?

No. You will only have your normal or usual urge to move your bowels. This will prompt you to eliminate your stools.

10. Since I will not be eating for the duration of the program, will I be hungry?

Since you will be receiving full meal replacements, you will not feel hungry. The high fiber content of the meal replacements in the program will keep you satiated.

If ever there is any hunger, it usually is on a psychological level. Many people are attached to food and crave food at this emotional level.

11. What if my bowels would not move?

This usually happens when:

1. The person is dehydrated. So drink plenty of water when you’re going through the program

2. The person does not follow the program correctly. So be sure that you are doing it right.

3. The person is under a lot of stress. On an emotional level, you may feel the pressure to produce the mucoid plaque or move your bowels immediately. Let go and relax. Some people have tight sphincters due to emotional stress.

12. Should I stop my medications?

No. If you are taking prescription medications for daily use, you may use them while undergoing the cleansing fast.

However, if you are taking prescription medications for a prescribed period of time, it is advisable that you finish the course of your prescription before beginning the program.

13. How often do I do this program and what do I do after?

Twice a year is ideal, as our bodies need constant cleansing.

14. What if I want to lose more weight?

Taking the 3 Day Cleanse program may allow you to shed some pounds with the three-day program. This is due to lost ‘Mucoid plaque’ and the discharge of retained fecal matter. The program also helps you utilize and burn some stored fat cells. If you are keen on losing more weight, we suggest that you continue the program and complete a FIFTEEN DAY weight management program. Using the same products will help you lose as much as ten to twenty pounds in 15 days.

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